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Main Gate Access Rules

January 4th, 2016

Fellow RC Fliers of Venice club members: 

As we enter the new-year, I am hopeful that we will be able to focus most of our energies on our hobby and the enjoyment that it brings us. Further, we have been blessed to have a premier flying site, second to very few, if any. Most of us realize that and very much want to continue to enjoy our hobby at our current club site.

Having said that, we are faced with some new gate access rules that may be a challenge to us for a period of time. I cannot stress compliance enough. Our landlord, the Sarasota County Landfill management team, has made it abundantly clear that those who choose to violate the rules will lose access to the landfill, and thereby, lose access to the flying site. The new rules have been imposed on us due to the fact that some of our members didn’t use “good judgment” when attempting to access the landfill. Unfortunately, some of those same members choose to get defiant and disrespectful which made matters worse. Therefore, we all will now live with the new rules effective January 1st, 2016. 

The rules can be a bit confusing as they are different depending on which day you are attempting to access the landfill. I will make an attempt to clarify them once again. If you are club member, have signed the new gate access form provided by the landfill, and have a gate card, you will be granted access through gate #3 just as you have in the past – no change. However, if you have guest with you in your vehicle (anyone other than another club member), or if that guest is in another vehicle, you must register that guest at the Administration Building anytime during the week, Monday through Friday. If you are bringing a guest on a Saturday, you must access the landfill through Gate #1 and register the guest with the scale attendant. If your guest or guests are in a separate vehicle they must also go through Gate #1. If you don’t have a guest in your vehicle, go through Gate #3 as you normally would, but wait for your guests in the separate vehicle to clear Gate #1 (the scale attendant may want to verify your presence) and go back to the flying site together. 

When accessing the landfill on Sundays, the rules are the same as they exist today. You can bring guests in your vehicle or swipe guests in Gate #3 if they are in a separate vehicle. In all cases, the designated route to and from the flying site is to be taken regardless of the day. One final point, entering the landfill via the exit lane will result in the expulsion of your gate access card. The landfill has video cameras and they have a record of what we do when we are on the premises – especially at the access points. 

One caveat, the landfill management has agreed for our club to have “social (non-flier) memberships” for spouses, offspring, and/significant others. In the eyes of the landfill they would be considered members of our club if we add them to our roster as such. Therefore, if they also sign a gate access form and purchase a $5.00 gate card, they can enter the landfill like any other club member. This is to allow those individuals to access the landfill on their own, or with you without the inconvenience of registering at the Administration Building or at the #1 Scale gate on Saturdays.

Well, like them or not, these are the new rules, and they will be followed. Please don’t challenge the rules, nor challenge anyone working for the landfill. We are on “thin ice” and the last thing we need to do as a club is to cause any more aggravation. Remember, the Sarasota County Landfill doesn’t need a flying site --- we do! Additionally, if we know of an individual who abuses the landfill rules, we will take punitive action as a club, regardless of the landfill’s knowledge of the infraction. We have to police ourselves – like it or not. I apologize for my lengthy lecture here, but I feel compelled to do so for the preservation of our club. 

Happy & Safe Flying, President Jim Hullhorst

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FAA Registration

It has always been the R/C Fliers of Venice Club policy that FAA Registration is between you and the FAA. Though we highly recommend that you register, we do not check for registration. When you edit your Profile, you will find a box for "FAA Registration Number". If you enter your Number there, the next time you check your Profile, it will be gone. That is because we setup the Club Profile as "FAA Not Required". So, nothing to worry about. Leave it blank.

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